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Facts about Narrowband UVB
  • Narrowband UVB is one of the safest and most effective treatments for psoriasis, vitiligo and eczema
  • Narrowband UVB is safe for children and pregnant women
  • Narrowband UVB is the newest phototherapy treatment available
  • Phototherapy has over 90 years of clinical results and safety behind it
  • UVBioTek's patented design allows for shorter treatment times
  • Numerous studies are available documenting the safety and efficacy of Narrowband UVB
  • The proper medical use of Narrowband UVB does not increase your risk for developing any type of cancer
  • Phototherapy treatments are quick, clean and noninvasive (no needles)
  • Home phototherapy systems are available should Narrowband UVB work for you
  • Studies indicate Narrowband UVB is over 85% effective for the treatment of psoriasis

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